Meet Andrea Blackwell - a Professional Makeup Artist and Custom Color Specialist in California's Bay Area

Andrea Blackwell's secret? custom-blended foundation, custom colors, custom cosmetics.

The delight women experience in discovering the difference that perfectly blended, custom foundation makeup can make for their look is tinged with empowerment and freedom. Most women spend years settling for a "pretty close match" in foundation from the makeup counters in the department stores, believing these colors were "good enough" because that was all that seemed available, but Andrea Blackwell changes that. When your custom-blended foundation glides over your skin and your makeup comes together effortlessly, elegantly, and invisibly, the experience is nothing short of a revelation. Learn More

About Andrea Blackwell


I have been in the beauty business as a professional makeup artists for twenty years. I have seen a great need for woman to seek out custom-blended foundation and their personal, custom colors, as well as to understand the finer details of professional makeup application. When a woman comes into my makeup studio and sits in my chair, we start talking. I ask her about her foundation first, always. What is working? What isn't? As we talk, I start blending... Learn More

"I wasn't sure I needed help with my makeup; I certainly didn't think I needed custom-blended makeup. I understood where shadowing should go and the makeup colors that worked with my skin, but with a job interview coming up, I wanted to pull my look together. I met Andrea at her Bay Area makeup studio, and I was completely surprised to find that custom- blended foundation changed my look entirely. I was getting by with a 'best match'; Andrea got my skin tone perfectly. I have never looked as good as when I stepped back out of her makeup studio." --Kim